Friday, December 23, 2011

Not what Russell wanted for Xmas

I somehow missed this story on the BBC website – which is a report on the decision of the Remuneration Panel in relation to Councillors’ allowances.
I have mentioned previously – here and here – the disgraceful greed exhibited by Labour leader Russell Roberts and his motley crew in RCT.  It now seems that there will be an enforced pay cut for these parasites.
The Remuneration Panel report which can be found here disappointingly bows to pressure and allows an increase in the number of senior salaries which can be paid, thus allowing Labour to keep the golden handcuffs system as they currently have it.
The report again stresses that
The remuneration of Council Leaders and Executive Member (Band 1 and 2 Senior Salaries) is based on the Panel’s assumption that these roles are full-time.

A member in receipt of a Band 1 or Band 2 Senior Salary cannot receive a
salary from any National Park authority or fire and rescue authority for
which s/he has been nominated.
The report specifically says that

An authority must not pay more than one Senior Salary to a member. Also that no-one in receipt of a senior salary (Leader, Cabinet Member, and Committee Chair) should receive payment form a National Park Authority or Fire Authority.

There is no specific mention of salaries from other bodies – such as the Police Authority which Russell chairs, or the Health Board for which he also receives a salary.

So Russell may have a get out clause that enables him to get away with just a cut of a few meagre thousand a year rather than the £40K + that he should lose if the recommendation of being a FULL TIME LEADER be taken on board.

Of course this will be a moot point should Russell not be leader after May  ;-)

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