Monday, December 31, 2012

We're still standing

It's been  tough year to be a Lib Dem - but then that is nothing new.  We appear to be getting battered from all sides, but stubborn beasts that we are we keep bouncing back.

It must be absolutely infuriating for the Labour party here in Rhondda Cynon Taff.  We gave them a hell of a fright in 2010 when we slashed the parliamentary majority in Pontypridd from more than 13000 to less than 3000.  Then of course it all started to go downhill as the perils of being in Government became apparent.  They did plenty of crowing after the Assembly election when through no fault of our own locally we saw a lot of our hard work go down the drain - although we still retained our second place in Pontypridd.

The Council election this May was a low point.  We saw the Labour majority shoot up so they held 60 out of the 75 seats on the Council.  Meanwhile we slipped from three Councillors to just one - a situation not helped by two of our former Councillors standing down and new candidates taking their place.

The joy of the Labour lot was all too evident - they thought we were down and out and they could carry on doing what they wanted undisturbed. 

It must then be really galling for them to realise that they were wrong.  We haven't given up and gone away, but instead have remained the biggest thorn in Labour's side.  Despite battling on times with a local media that finds itself indebted to the Council for a significant amount of advertising revenue (Over £90k last year to GTFM radio, a similar amount to the local paper) we punch above our weight publicity wise.  Our online presence is growing, and attracting more attention - not least from the Labour party!

And the really bad news for them is that we intend it to continue. 


Anonymous said...

Oh for Heaven's sake - accept that nobody wants you or your representatives!!!!!

Karen Roberts said...

see what I mean? We are allegedly so worthless yet they still keep a close eye and still take the time out to have a go. Love 'em. Even those to ashamed of their own thoughts and actions to put their name to their comments.

DutchEnery said...

And of course that is always said anonymously. Cowards all. Labour is only in power because of these anonymous idiots. That is how they govern. Russia here we come, except it didn't work there either.

Karen Roberts said...

I never thought you were And my head is perfectly level thanks ;-)

DutchEnery said...

Hahaaha, I shall have another drink to put my head back on my shoulders.
Yeah I like to be a fair despot, does it pay well?