Friday, April 19, 2013

Educational standards slipping in RCT

I don't mean in our schools, I mean within the Council  - yes the same Council that is responsible for delivering education and keeping up standards.

It may seem to some a little thing, but the humble apostrophe matters.  To coin a phrase it is the difference between knowing your s**t and knowing you're s**t.

Now we all make mistakes, the odd typo here and there, I am certainly not immune to that, and am quite certain someone will find one in this little rant.  But when the Council has a PR and strategy department that costs over a miilion pounds a year in staff alone, and an in house design and print service you would think that someone, somewhere would be responsible for proof reading.  Especially for posters and exhibition boards which are going to be distributed widely amongst schools.

I was dismayed this evening to see a poster on the wall at Council HQ advertising the re-uniform scheme.  Now the scheme itself is great - parents are encouraged to drop off old unwanted items of school uniform which are then washed, ironed, and de-bobbled before being offered for sale at a cut down price to other parents. It saves parents money and helps the environment by recycling.  Well done RCT Council.

It is a pity that such effort isn't put into checking what is put out in the public domain. 

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