Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A reason to vote Labour?

Rather odd story on Wales Online regarding a call from a Welsh Labour MP for Ed Milliband to give voters a stronger reason to vote Labour.
Geraint Davies said the party looked like a “shamefaced schoolboy” by not rebutting Tory accusations that Labour was responsible for the economic mess.

Maybe that is because they have no answer, they know that they were indeed responsible and maybe some admission of that would help their cause.  Instead they appear more and more hapless by the day.

Perhaps they should look towards Labour’s outstanding record in Wales, pointing out their successes there, using that as a shining example to follow.

Take education for instance.  Wales is setting a perfect example – on how not to do things.  Lingering way down the international league tables with little hope of making great strides forward any time soon.  The former Education Minister was more interested in his nonsensical banding scheme than in doing anything to actually drive up standards.

Our pupils are greatly under-funded in comparison with those in England.  In England the Liberal Democrats introduced a pupil premium which gave £430 to schools for every pupil on free school meals.  That has now gone up to £1,300 for 2014 – 2015.  In Wales thanks to the Welsh Liberal Democrats budget negotiations last year we introduced a grant of £450 per free school meals pupil.  The Labour Government here has no plans to increase it.

Ok so what about Labour’s health record in Wales – surely that must be something to crow about.  Or maybe not.  More is sent on the helath service per person in Wales than in England but that is the only positive.  We certainly don’t get value for money.  Abysmal ambulance response times, longer waitingtimes for treatment,  A&E departments on the point of ‘meltdown.

Housing, surely some good news there?  But then again……  Whilst in England the coalition Government has introduced a variety of measures to help first time buyers onto the housing ladder in Wales the Labour Government have yet again failed us. 

 It is not only Ed Milliband who should be looking like a shamefaced schoolboy.








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