Friday, October 04, 2013

Labour lock down? Residents only please…..

A short while ago – the beginning of September in fact – I attended a PACT meeting in Treforest, much to the obvious dislike of the Labour County Councillor there.

Following the meeting I wrote a blog piece Keeping Labourlocal? Anyone told the AM?  Outlining the attitude of said Councillor – Steve Powderhill – his determination to turn these meetings into political events to promote himself, and his insistence that Treforest should have local representatives, despite the fact that the Labour Town Councillor lives in Trallwn and the AM for Pontypridd lives in Newport!

Today I had a phone call from one of our members who is in fact the former County Councillor for the Treforest ward.  He had been approached by a resident who told him that Cllr Powderhill had told him to pass a message on to ‘John Bell and his Lib Dem mates.’

The message was that he was far from happy that we had the audacity to repeat online things he had said in a (public) PACT meeting and that if it continued he would stop going to them and just hold private surgeries instead.  There was also something about him trying to make the meeting residents only, which would indeed be unfortunate for his colleague on the Town Council.

Little surprises me about the Labour party antics these days, but they still do have the capacity to amuse me, usually with the sheer depth of their stupidity.
Top tip Cllr Powderhill - watch what you say in public, it may be taken down and used in evidence against you   ;-)


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