Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Getting back to a bit of ranting - lay off my school

A request from the National Library of Wales to archive this blog reminded me that I haven't actually used it for some time.

However, there is quite a bit going on at the moment worthy of a good rant and as our website isn't really the place to get overly heated - I'm back.

Why am I need of a good rant?  School reorganisation that's why.  The idiots at RCT Education department have now come up with a new idea to create 3 to 16 schools in the Rhondda. Not everywhere, just a piecemeal approach.

Their plans will create two 3 to 16 schools, one 11 to 16 school, one 11 to 19 school and one 3 to 19 school.   Nothing like equality of provision is there?  It will mean some primary schools in the catchment area of Tonypandy Community College and Porth County Community School will close and be part of a new "super school" (yes they are using that term) whilst others stay as they are.

They say they will create two "centres of excellence" at Treorchy and Tonyrefail where sixth form education will continue. This suggests the other schools will be less than excellent.

The whole scheme is full of holes and the inequality of provision they intend to create unbelievable. I suppose this is what happens when an accountant is made Director of Education.

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