Sunday, May 29, 2011

Double standards need exposing

Health will always be a priority for the Assembly 

So the new Health Minister is busy whingeing that health figure shave been misquoted and that “inaccurate accusations about our spending plans abound”
Perhaps this is a mark of the way in which Labour conduct business – so clouded in mystery that nobody can quite figure out what any of their spending figures mean.  The previous Minister was so nonchalant that she refused to investigate allegations form within the health Service that a billion pounds a year was being wasted.
David James in Thursday Echo had a very sensible viewpoint on the health and other cuts being inflicted upon Wales by Carwyn and his team.  As he put it Carwyn’s playing the blame game
“If we want Welsh politics to work, surely we need more people to call distortions like Carwyn’s cuts double standards. His cuts may be driven by the UK coalition-led policy of cutting the deficit, but his health cuts are most definitely Welsh Labour’s choice. In England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland more money is being pumped into health to counter the effect of inflation.
It’s a gamble. It’s a gamble that across the border council services will crumble, schools will suffer and Carwyn will be able to stand up and say: “The Welsh way was better.”
You can bet that if the dam bursts first in Wales’ NHS; surgeons, doctors and nurses revolt because of frozen pay while waiting lists grow and patient service suffers, he won’t say: “We got it wrong.” He’ll blame London and the Tories.
And you know what? If that does happen, most voters will buy it – unless people start pulling him up on it.”
Spot on, now if only some his colleagues would start doing just that…….

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