Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still waiting......

The Western Mail today reports a  massive rise in patients waiting nine months and more for surgery

Almost 4,500 patients are waiting more than nine months for orthopaedic surgery in Wales the article states – and that of course is just a tally of those who have actually made it as far as the waiting list. 
People like my father waited for months to be seen prior to that, and was pushed from one department to another before some bright spark eventually decided that yes his hip is indeed a mess and needs replacing.  That was early last December when he was told he was an urgent case. 

How many more people are out there in agony waiting to be put on a Labour waiting list?
Yes we have an aging population, but they didn’t appear overnight.  There wasn’t a sudden alien invasion which deposited several thousand unexpected elderly ladies and gentlemen on the NHS doorstep. (Not as far as I am aware anyway)
But it’s ok – Labour have plans to tackle it, honest, yes really, this time, definitely…….

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