Friday, November 11, 2011

A Fridge Too Far

I am always pleased to bring a bit of cheer to my colleagues at the Bay and the saga of my fridge seems to have done just that.

I wrote a few days ago about the Council's refusal to pick up my recently deceased fridge - freezer because I hadn't put it out on the pavement.  The unfortunate appliance came a cropper when I ignored the advice not to chip ice off with a knife or hit it with anything sharp and punctured it letting out all the refrigerant.

Well I was slightly annoyed about this and did what any self respecting Lib Dem campaigner would do - I took photos and wrote to the local press.  I hoped for at best a letter in the Rhondda Leader.  However it seems to have tickled the fancy of the media Wales reporter to the extent that it has also appeared in the Echo and Western Mail and of course their online edition.

Typical.  All the time I spend writing press releases and trying to get them published and this is the one they like!

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