Sunday, November 27, 2011

Local Labour's invisible online

In a world where more and more we depend on the internet, emails, twitter and social networking generally it is maybe an example of how out of touch Labour are that it is so difficult to find out any confirmation about them locally online.
Like any good campaigner I like to keep a close eye on my opponents so I tried a Google search for Pontypridd Labour party.  The number one listing was a page on the UK Labour site about Owen Smith MP.  Following that we had biographical pages on Jane Davidson and Kim Howells, both of whom have now moved on to hill walking and painting or some such.
The fourth site which Google directed me to was our own which was quite surprising.  It appears we keep the public more in touch with what the Labour party do than they do themselves.
Mike Antoniw AM requires more thorough searching, and when you do find a website for him then it is the rather sparse one he had set up prior to the May election.   He obviously wants to keep a low profile, and to be fair he is succeeding.
The Rhondda Labour party fare a little better.  At least there is a website although apart from a piece on the closure of the Minor Injuries Unit at Llwynypia it is remarkably short of recent news, and their big event being advertised is a dinner in London last May.

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