Friday, November 30, 2012

Labour’s hypocritical streak showing again Owen?

The Western Mail today carries a report on the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales, Winston Roddick, who apparently intends to carry on practicising as a Barrister whilst carrying out this role.

Pontypridd MP and Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith is quoted as saying he finds it “extraordinary” that he is not treating the post as full time.  Now whilst I don’t necessarily disagree with Mr Smith on the principle, the hypocrisy and political opportunism exhibited is getting tiresome.

Would Mr Smith have been so keen to condemn this if the individual had been a Labour party member?  I don’t seem to remember him knocking former leader of RCT Council Russell three / four / five jobsRoberts for not sticking to being a full time leader of the Council.

Not a single word of criticism was heard from any Labour member as Russell raked inevery penny he could from the public purse. Now admittedly we may be talking slightly higher figures here, but the principle remains the same.  Although, as we are very much aware here in RCT principle and the Labour party are miles apart.


Gwilym said...

There is nothing hypocritical about it, although there may be in your response. This man presented himself to the electorate as an independent, then it was revealed that he had been a member of the Liberal Democrats all along - but you fail to mention this. There is nothing wrong with being a Liberal Democrat, but he deliberately misled the public to avoid coming fifth. Now he shows his contempt for the electorate he misled.

His resignation is long overdue.

Karen Roberts said...

Nothing hypocritical about it? Nothing hypocritical about condeming a member of another party for something one of your own did without comment? Which was the point I was making.

The Welsh Lib Dem position on the Commissioner elections was clear all along. We were not putting up Party candidates,if members wanted to stand independently then they could, but there would be no Party input before or after the election.

Strange how the Labour party claim to have only found out about it after he won.

Karen Roberts said...

Nice to see that my old mate Valley Boy the Plaidie spokesperson on the Ponty Town Forum is still taking an interest in me and reading this blog by the way. Rather interesting take on things as usual, he has a masterful way of twisting words.

Just to make my position clear for him if Winston Roddick actually lied about being a member then he was wrong to do so. If he just failed to mention it then what is the problem? He was not an official candidate and nothing he said then or in the future is on behalf of or influenced by the party in any way.

Keep watching VB.

Bill Chapman said...

The point I was making is that is is hypocritical to condemn your opposition, while remaining silent about a fault of one of your own. Perhaps you agree? I can't say I have ever heard of Russell Roberts.

I have had a lively interest in politics for many years, and I for one knew nothing about Winston Roddick's party affiliation until after the election. Two ladies I met at a coffee morning in Ll;andudno Junction had voted for an apparent Independent only to find he was not what he claimed.

Anonymous said...

"I have had a lively interest in politics for many years, and I for one knew nothing about Winston Roddick's party affiliation until after the election"

The very public fact that Winston Roddick had been a Liberal candidate in THREE general elections didn't tip you off to his party affiliations then?

Anonymous said...

Owen Smith should be more concerned by the outside interests of Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Cabinet members, such as Bronwen Brooks who works at his own office.

The draft Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales 2013-2014 report ( ) states Senior and Civic Salaries in “Group B” authorities, such as the Vale of Glamorgan, shall be payable to Cabinet members to the tune of some £28,780 per year.

The conditions for the Panel’s determinations with regard to Basic, Senior and Civic Salaries for local authorities, in point (vi), states:

“The remuneration of Council Leaders and Executive Members (Band 1 and 2 Senior Salaries) is based on the Panel’s assumption that these roles are full-time.”

The same stipulation is also spelt out in point 3.23 of the 2012-2013 report.

However, despite this very clear guidance it is clear that several members of the Vale of Glamorgan Cabinet are not able to comply with the assumption they will be working full-time in their council roles, as they hold full-time positions elsewhere - a perfect example being Bronwen Brooks. Owen Smith knows about this, and if you ask me is complicit in aiding and abetting shoddy practice. Shame on him

Anonymous said...

For Karen Roberts to describe someone as hypocritical is, what's the word now? ah yes hypocritical!!
"If Winston Roddick just failed to mention his party affiliations then what's the problem?" That remark is just ridiculous! Wonder how that would go down in court? "Sorry m'lud I know my client is accused of racism but I just happened to fail to mention that he is an official member of the BNP"

Karen Roberts said...

Well I would hope a defence lawyer wouldn't make such a silly remark.

Anonymous said...
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DutchEnery said...

One Anonymous already on the Christmas spirits?

Anonymous said...

Hello pot, kettle black calling!!!!

I would hope that any lawyer or person in a position of authority would not "fail to mention" important or relevant information!