Thursday, November 15, 2012

Arrogance, pig-headedness, sheer stupidity - Labour at its best

Well I’ve had more than 24 hours now to calm down after the Council meeting and try and suspend my incredulity at the actions of the Labour group in relation to the paddling pool.

I have been at this business for quite a while now and little surprises me with regard to their arrogance and pig headedness in RCT but even I was staggered by the sheer overwhelming stupidity and ignorance theydisplayed.

The 2077 people who voted to save the paddling pool are to be completely ignored.  They are not going to think about it, or reconsider their options, or hold a meeting to explain why they feel keeping it is not an option.  They are not even going to pretend to do so.  No, this bunch of self-satisfied, egotistic idiots are not even going to pretend to listen, or that they care. 

Just how stupid are they?  Or is this just another example of the over confidence that comes from being in an area where traditionally the public vote for a donkey with a red rosette on?  As they keep saying over and over at every meeting, they were returned in May with an overwhelming majority with 60 out of 75 Councillors in RCT.  They can do what they like, and they will.

 Of course the votes for these 60 members are spread out across the whole of RCT, so having done the calculations they probably feel that 2077 across 9 wards is not a huge number of people for them to worry about.  Also of course the next elections are still four and a half years away, they hope people will have forgotten by then.

On the other hand, Owen Smith MP should, you would think, be looking at that number and wondering what on earth his Council colleagues are playing at.  Those 2077 people are almost all in his constituency (not quite all of course as Cilfynydd and Glyncoch are in the Cynon constituency) and they don’t have quite as long to forget before the Westminster elections.

The paddling pool fight is not over by any means, if anything the people who have been in touch with me by phone, email and facebook are now even more determined.    The Labour party keep saying this is all down to us, the ‘Lib Dems’ stirring.  As I have said before we are more than happy to take our fair share of the credit / blame whichever way you want to look at it.  But those 2077 people weren’t all politically motivated not by a long way.  In fact many of them I spoke to were Labour supporters – or used to be.

Democracy may appear to be well and truly dead in Rhondda Cynon Taff at the moment, but have no fear, we will be doing our utmost to restore it.  They don’t get rid of us that easily as they should have learned by now, and they won’t get rid of the members of the public who think they are wrong to remove the paddling pool.


Nick Powell said...

Labour argued that it was a political stunt, they had a point as nearly every press release was the RCT Lib dems say this the RCT Lib dems say that, every other word RCT Lib Dems, you played into their hands, shows lack of any sense upstairs.

However RCT Labour are no better, if that what the public wants then so be it, they should find the money, how about cutting 5 cabinet members for a start, 100k a yr straight away

Karen Roberts said...

Nick we never hid the fact that we were part of the campaign, that we provided campaign advice and suggested the community poll. We also publicised it and procided and paid for the leaflets. But it was much bigger than us. If I am putting out a press release of course I am going to do it form us. Others could have done the same. There ws never any pretence involved her, but people became involved and voted because of the issue not because of us.

Nick Powell said...

part of the campaign, the way it was put across was that it was a lib dem campaign &it was more of a 'look what labour are doing' rather than save the paddling pool.

However they did tell a few porkies before the election but again making a big thing of this doesn't do you any good..............tuition fees?

anyway got to shoot off to Newbridge for the match

Karen Roberts said...

Labour are the ones doing it that is why.