Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pull the other one Owen, it's got bells on.

Seems Pontypridd MP Owen Smith is anxious to make an impression in his new role as Shadow Treasury Secretary.
On a visit to GE Aviation in his own constituency (despite the ‘North of Cardiff’ description given by Walesonline) he busied himself giving advice to the UK Government on of all things the economy.
He reportedly said that the Government had embarked on an ideologically driven deficit reduction plan, which was hampering Britain’s growth prospects and was wrong to assume that job losses in the public sector would be absorbed by job creation in the private sector.
He said: “We don’t think there is evidence that in places like Wales there is going to be a massive boom in private sector employment unless there is collaboration with government.”
Places like Wales????  I beg your pardon.
You mean with a devolved Labour Government with a Labour Minister for Economic Development? A Government that has failed Wales?  Just like the Labour Westminster Government failed in their 13 years in power.
But then what would Owen know of places like Wales; and how they were affected by years of Labour underperformance on the economy as in so many other areas.  He was at the time roaming around in his Surrey suburb picking up his substantial private sector drug company salary.
How can they have the bare faced cheek to criticize anything that is going on now given the mess that they, the Labour party, left us in?   Pull the other one Owen, it's got bells on.

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