Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tango man trying too hard to make political capital

Some people really will do anything and take advantage of any tragedy to make political points.
Like Tango man himself Peter Hain who this week made a bit of  a fool of himself calling for better funding for mines rescue following the Gleision colliery incident in which four miners were killed.
He said
"The Gleision mine tragedy in September 2011 identified a potentially lethal flaw in the resourcing of the Mines Rescue Service and the South Wales Police Authority which the Government needs urgently to address.
‘Otherwise, should there be another tragedy, both the rescue and investigation could be badly compromised: only goodwill prevented that happening at Gleision’
Mr Hain claimed the rescuers, and later police and health and safety inspectors, ‘depended upon the release by other mining companies of their part-time mines rescue staff as well as other key mining personnel’.
Indeed no-one would disagree that the Mines Rescue service as always did a remarkable job and it is a service well worth the investment.  However thankfully such tragedies are now rare.  What exactly does Mr Hain want? 
The Mines Rescue Service said that finance in no way compromised the rescue and it was commonplace for other mines to help out.

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