Saturday, October 08, 2011

Tango man is out to get us

Tango man Peter Hain flush from the success of holding on to his Shadow Wales post is urging his party members to set their sights on ridding Wales of those dreadful Liberal Democrat types at next May’s Council elections.
Apparently they are not so bothered about taking Conservative seats – we must really have upset them somewhere along the way, can’t imagine how, I mean we love the Labour party here in RCT.
‘Hain said that for the first time Labour candidates at next May’s council elections would be asked to sign contracts giving undertakings about their future commitment to community engagement: “They will be set targets by local parties based on achieving good levels of doorstep contact with the public.
“It’s very important that we have excellent candidates who will make first class councillors able to gain respect in their communities.
“Many of our current councillors work very hard and are first class, but in the past we have had our fair share of councillors not delivering for local people – and they have lost.” ‘
Even more unfortunately for the residents of many Valleys communities they have their fair share of Councillors who are not delivering who keep on getting elected.

Nice to see the same old, same old from Labour though.  Forget about local politics and what the election is actually about, just have a go at those nasty liberals.

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