Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If not political then what is RAG?

The dictionary definition of politics is

the activities involved in getting and using power in public life, and being able to influence decisions that affect a country or a society”  or  “matters concerned with getting or using power within a particular group or organization.”

 Why is it then that a leaflet doing the rounds in Tonyrefail from the Ratepayers Acton Group (RAG) states that “RAG is not a political group.”

The RAG Facebook group clearly says that the group will be fielding candidates in the May elections, and is encouraging more to stand.  Now whilst they may not be aligned to any current political party then they are clearly political.  They want to gain power and be able to influence decisions in RCT.  Political decisions concerning the running of Local Government.

Now whilst I have no problem with as many people as possible getting involved in the democratic process, and standing for election, it seems to me that RAG need to be honest with the people of RCT. 

The leaflet goes on to say that too many Councilors only show an interest in their communities for the few weeks before an election, and indeed in some cases they have a point, but could I ask where all these fine upstanding members of RAG have been over the past four years or longer. 
Why have they just emerged now?  Why has this outpouring of ‘outrage’ as the leaflet describes it been dormant this long?  Opposition Councilors in particular the Welsh Liberal Democrats have been battling against Labour waste and greed for years.  The difference is we don’t cloak it in any pretense of being non political. 

Politics is not a dirty word.  There is nothing wrong with being political – but don’t deny it.  Don’t hide behind this cloak that says only Independents care about their communities because that is wrong, and it is deceitful.  RAG should decide just what it is supposed to be.


Graeme Beard said...

sophistry [ˈsɒfɪstrɪ]
n pl -ries
1. (Philosophy)
a. A method of argument that is seemingly plausible though actually invalid and misleading.
b. The art of using such arguments.
2. Subtle but unsound or fallacious reasoning.

Karen Roberts said...

Is that what RAG are guilty of then? Would appear to fit.

Look I have no problem as I have said with Independent Cllrs but I cannot for the life of me understand how such people can then operate as a 'group.' It is my experience that where there are large numbers of Independents who manage to 'control' Councils it invariable leads to a very poor service.

The issue here is that RAG has set itself up as a group to contest the local government elections. that makes them political. So why are some of your members denying that?

Anonymous said...

The Talbot Green Independent Councilor who, whilst not everyones cup of tea, appears to do good work for his constituents.