Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Where Mick's loyalty lies.

Seems Mick Antoniw has decided that his wbesite does need a bit of updating now and again.  He has added a blog to it now.  One particular post was brought to my attention today in which he gives his astute thoughts on Plaid and the Lib Dems. 

Apparently we are

"not even the main opposition in Wales. If their support falls still further they could end up as a marginalised pressure group rump in the assembly."

I'd be cut to the core if I could for one second bring myself to care one iota about what this egotistical waste of space thinks.

It was the next line which caught my eye though

“My loyalty is to Labour and to the values of democratic socialism”
Sums it up doesn't it.  Not to the people he purports to represent but to the red flag.

He doesn't give two hoots about the Pontypridd constituency or the people there.  He saw it as a safe seat, bamboozled the people by pretending he lived there when in fact the rented house was a cover and he has now moved back to Newport.  He has what he wanted, an Assembly seat where he can sit with his Labour pals and pontificate,
Well done. 

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