Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't you love the opposition?

Especially at election time when they all show just how bonkers they can be.

The residents of The Graig in Pontypridd must be a little confused.  Labour's Treforest candidate Steve Powderhill doesn't appear to know where his ward ends and has been leafleting there.  Meanwhile Joyce Cass who is their Graig candidate has a leaflet out which urges voters to vote for her on May 4th.

The Independent candidate for Cilfynydd - a former member of ours actually, chucked out of the Party - has one of the most bizarre leaflets around.  Take this excerpt for instance:

True grit
While the resurfacing of the roads was overdue, the standard of work by the Labour council left a lot to be desired.  The most common complaint has been about loose chippings, even after these have been supposedly removed, these are then carried into houses and end up on carpets.
One house in Richard Street had chippings weighing over a stone swept from outside its frontage,

The candidate in question lives in Richard Street.  We have spent a fair bit of time in Cil and spoke to a variety of people, including residents of Richard Street.  Can’t say that has ever come up as a major problem.  And who on earth would gather them up and weigh them?
The aforementioned Treforest candidate announces that  It would be so easy to take a cheap shot at the outgoing Councillor but I won’t, it’s not my style and hopefully I’ll be respected for it”
Yes of course Steve. 
The Indie in Tonteg has as a top priority putting flower baskets outside shops to make it pretty.  How sweet. Let's forget the disgraceful state of the roads and pavements there and the lack of playground facilities.
Still there are some pleasant people out there.  Had a text message tonight wishing me well for the campaign – it came from my Tory opponents in Tonteg.

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