Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sloppy stuff from Labour

Is Christian Hanagan too busy campaigning to write or proof read press releases for the Labour mob at the moment then?
Just came across this one on their Tonyrefail site.  This is home of Russell four jobs Roberts and Cabinet Member for EDUCATION Eudine Hanagan.  Hmmm, yes….
Perhaps it is why they rely on leaflets from London.

Labour’s Russell Roberts has described the new (news) that Plaid Cymru Candidate Phil Doyle has defecting (defected) to stand as an independent as a demonstration that Plaid Cymru offer nothing for Tonyrefail.
Labour’s Russell Roberts said: (sure he is Labour's Russell Roberts?)
“This demonstrates that the republican views of their new Leader, who wants to separate Wales from the United Kingdom is (are) not supported by the public.
“Clearly Phil has realised that Plaid Cymru offer nothing for Tonyrefail, nothing for our local economy and nothing for the public services the Council provides.
“Phil has clearly realised (repetitive) that Plaid Cymru cannot offer an effective voice against the cuts being imposed by Cameron & Clegg.”
Phil Doyle featured in Plaid’s Tonyrefail newsletter and is now standing as an Independent candidate.

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