Friday, April 20, 2012

Labour back down over paddling pool - just before election!

  Well would you believe it, Russell three four five jobs Roberts has announced a climb down over the plans to remove the paddling pool from Ynysangharad Park.

Apparently he said   “Like many local people, I know how valued the current paddling pool is and understand how the current misinformation around its future would cause concern.”
What misinformation would that be then Russ? The misinformation on the massive boards showing the town regeneration boards – which showed the paddling pool going.  Or the confirmation of the same by the officer on duty there?
“Despite what other parties (that will be us) have been telling the public, our proposals for redevelopment of the Lido will include a new water play area” - why didn’t that appear in the plans then? 
Could it be that you just thought of it, when you realized that you are taking a hell of a knocking on all sorts of fronts at the moment, not least because of your five jobs and £100,000+ salary form the public purse?
Will public opinion play a part there too – if by some misfortune we are lumbered with you and yours at the helm again after May will you give up your four extra roles and actually concentrate on RCT?
Of course there will be cynics out there who will doubt whether any of this will come to pass anyway.   We have had numerous announcements in the past about the Park and what Labour plan to do.  Usually just before an election.  So far they have done nothing but rabbit on and on and on about their ‘ambitious plans.’
Hopefully this time something will actually happen but I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.
The final sentence of the Labour press release reads “The negativity of opposition politicians does nothing for the greater benefit of Pontypridd.”
Really?  Well so far there is precious little evidence of the Labour party doing anything for the greater benefit of Pontypridd. In fact there seems to be only one major beneficiary of the Labour legacy around here – Mr five jobs himself.

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