Saturday, June 08, 2013

Maybe First Minister should check facts on hospital claims

A bit of  row broke out last Tuesday at first Minister's questions over the hospital reorganisation plans, and more specifically the campaign to keep services at the Royal Glamorgan.

As reported by the BBC there was an exchange between Carwyn and the leader of Plaid Cymru in which he accused her of misleading the Assembly by stating that A&E would close.

Conservative Health spokesperson Darren Millar referred to this a few minutes later and asked

"Do you agree that your Labour colleagues, including a member of your own cabinet are also misleading the assembly, if you use the same yardstick?"

The First Minister got on his usual high horse and replied

"That has never been suggested by anyone in this chamber, by any Labour Minister, only by members of Plaid Cymru."

He cannot have seen the leaflets being put out from the office of Leighton Andrews. Education Minister and AM for the Rhondda then.   It asks people to sign a letter stating that they

"believe that there must continue to be Accident & Emergency Services at the Royal Glamorgan."

It also explains that the reorganisation is necessary to maintain standards but that

"It is inevitable that certain services includign accident and emergency will be based in fewer hospitals."

So Mr Jones, no Labour Minister has been misleading the public?

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