Sunday, June 09, 2013

Paddling pool removal little short of vandalism

Had an hour or so to spare in Ponty this afternoon so did what many people do when the weather is this good and headed for B&M to pick up some bargains! Well it is a Sunday and everyone is free to park on the newly installed £10m pavements in the semi sort of sometimes pedestrianised town centre.

Having availed myself of some bits and bobs in the aforementioned store I then took a wander across to the park. As to be expected it was fairly busy lots of families having come along, as they have for generations, for an inexpensive afternoon in the sun

At a rough estimate there were around 80 kids happily splashing about in the paddling pool - the very one the Labour council wants to take away. It was a very rough estimate as more kept running in and out, whilst several enjoyed the slide. Many more on the grass wore bathers, obviously taking a brief respite before jumping back in.

I would have taken a photo but a large sign says it is strictly forbidden, along with diving and jumping and running and excessive splashing and anything else that could make playing a little too much like fun

One of the things that struck me was something we have mentioned previously during our campaign to save the paddling pool. That is the number of groups with one or two children and four or five adults.  What happens when the new Lido is open, with its 'free to use' pool for children, and one adult accompanying each child. Every only of those 'extra' adults would have to pay to enter.

Even if by some miracle they chose to do that there is no way they would fit in the number of people here enjoying this facility today.

 The Labour plan is beyond bonkers, it is outright vandalism.

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