Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Plaid AM confused over health service plans – aren’t they paying attention?

Bethan Jenkins AM tweeted this afternoon, presumably from the Assembly Chamber, that:

 “I am not against centralising specialised services. A and E is NOT a specialised service, is it??”

Has she any idea the range of specialities which are covered in an A&E department?  More to the point maybe has she paid any attention at all to what has been said about the South wales Programme hospital reorganisation?

Now whether or not you agree with the concept what is being recommended is that critical care services are condenses into fewer hospitals.  There is no suggestion that A&E as a whole will be removed from any hospital.  What is being talked about is the top level ‘emergency’ medicine – heart attacks, strokes, brain injuries, severe trauma.

Is Ms Jenkins seriously suggesting that none of these are ‘specialist’ services?  Because if, heaven forbid, I ever needed emergency brain surgery I certainly wouldn’t want an obstetrician carrying it out.

How can reasoned arguments be made and put forward to the Health Boards. and indeed the Health Minister, that will hold water if such misinformation is being spread?


Anonymous said...

This shows how much you know about Health Services. Major head injuries have always gone to UHW, burns have always gone to Morriston and Maxiliofacial problems always to Prince Charles - What planet are you on?

Karen Roberts said...

Yes specialist services. Specialist A&E services, which Ms Jenkins denies exist. I know what planet I am on, how about you?

Anonymous said...

You know - you just haven't got a clue have you? I rarely (in fact never) agree with Labour councillors, but their comments about your obsession with political point scoring is spot on!!

Do you know, or do you care, what damage you do to your political party? Probably not, as it all about you isn't it?

Karen Roberts said...

me, me, me. ;-)

Anon you are such a fool

Anonymous said...

Karen, you are wrong. A&E is 'general'. If a person admitted to A&E needs further specialist treatment, the case passes out from A&E. Urology, for example is a specialist service. A consultant led A&E department is led, as the name suggests, by a consultant. His/Her job title is General Surgeon. Bethan is correct. A&E is not a specialist service.