Friday, September 30, 2011

The bare faced cheek of soon to be ex Plaid leader.

Wales Online reports that IEUAN Wyn Jones has launched his strongest attack yet on former Cabinet colleague Carwyn Jones’ handling of the economy, describing him as “complacent” and “living in a parallel universe.”
Apparently Ieuan would have been “embarrassed” to present a programme for Government along the lines of the one Labour produced this week. 
Because of course everything in the garden was so much rosier when IWJ was in charge of the economy in Wales wasn’t it?  How can we forget what an excellent job he did to revitalise the Welsh economy. 
He does have a few sensible words to say – on how Labour in the Bay cannot keep blaming everything on Westminster.  But it is a bit rich for him to condemn the Labour Government for their lack of action (even if it is true) when he himself had so much time to make a difference and failed miserable.

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