Thursday, September 22, 2011

Totally Batty

We thought the idea of £190,000 dormice bridges in RCT was bad enough but we should maybe be grateful that the developers of the Church Village bypass didn’t come across any lesser horseshoe bat habitat.
Had they thought there could be any possibility of such creatures existing in the vicinity then they would undoubtedly have had to follow the example set elsewhere and erect bat bridges.
North Wales seems to be a particular favourite place for these rare bats – as a result bat bridges seem to be springing up in several key locations.  The latest, said to cost £650,000 has caused a bit of a stir.   Campaigners in the area have been asking for a footbridge but their pleas have fallen on deaf years.  Evidently bats are much more worthy of protection than are children.
Well I am just back from two days in North Wales where I am very glad to report no collision or even near misses with any furry flying rodents.   Those bridges are obviously working.

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