Saturday, September 17, 2011

Never trust a politician? Hmmmm

The Western Mail carried a piece today on Mick Antoniw the current AM for Pontypridd.
In it he is waxing lyrical about how his Ukrainian background helped shape his political views.  It ends with the comment
“Perhaps rather oddly having been elected as an AM in May, it’s also taught me never to trust politicians. There has been so much abuse of power and it is vitally important that people and institutions are held to account.”
Fine words there Mick – one has to wonder why he is a member of the Labour party then.  It also begs the question of where he stands in relation to much of what is going on with his colleagues at RCT Council.  What does he think of Russell’s blatant ripping off of the public purse?  Where does he stand regarding their attitude to scrutiny which is hardly democratic?
Surely he must cringe at the lack of accountability demonstrated in RCT.
But then this is a man who shamelessly ripped off miners along with the rest of his firm and then desperately wrote letters to all local Labour members denying it.  The man whose colleagues threatened to sue us for putting out leaflets telling people of his firm’s misdeeds.
The man whose firm of solicitors was employed on behalf of RCT Council employees to sort out claims against the Council?  (The Labour run Council failed to settle claims for its workforce and employed a Labour leaning firm of solicitors to represent its own employees against the Council.  That firm then donated money to the Labour election campaign, benefitting Antoniw.)
The man who is now Chair of the Assembly Standards Committee would you believe?

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