Thursday, September 29, 2011

Democracy - fine in thoery they just don't want to practice it

The Labour party in RCT have proven over and over that they have no understanding of the concept of democracy, and there seems to be little chance of them changing.
At the Council meeting on 28th September Plaid put a motion forward calling for more complete answers to questions put to Cabinet Members which are currently allowed under the terms of the constitution.  During what could loosely be termed a debate on the matter there were complaints from Labour Cabinet Members that questions were being ‘hijacked’ for ‘political purposes.’  In other words opposition Councillors are asking question they don’t like.
One can only wonder then how long it will be before they change the system and take away the right of members to question them at all.  After all when they didn’t like the motions that were being put forward they simply took away the ability of opposition Councillors to put in so many motions.

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