Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dirty tricks starting to come out

The Labour party in RCT are approaching this election in their usual manner.

Unable to rely on their own record they resort to snide comments, innuendo and sometimes outright lies.  Posts on local forums appear by new members who don't have the courage to post openly but hide behind strange nicknames.  One of our candidates in particular has been subject to such attacks (and for once it isn't Mike). They then feel safe to spread all manner of rumours and gossip.  Shame really that a party which once did so much for the working classes is reduced to such a level.

I am still awaiting contact from RCT  legal office after upsetting the Labour candidates in Tonteg.  Apparently at the community council meeting last week there was a discussion about my postal voter letter and a line which offended them.  The line is in no way illegal or anything that shouldn't be there, it is not a personal attack, and is nothing that breaks any rules but they are not used to actual campaigning and being criticised.  The fact that they brought it up at a community council meeting and asked the clerk of the council to bring it to the attention of the legal officer shows how they like to run that particular boys club.  It also shows a marked ignorance of procedure.  Still, I was looking forward to pointing that out to him.  One has so few pleasures on the campaign trail.

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