Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ghosties and ghoulies - the horror show in RCT

Well Labour Councillors in Pontypridd seem to have gone into hiding – Halloween must have been a god-send this week, lots of masks to hide behind so they can step out of their doors safely.

If the stream of phone calls I have been getting over the paddling pool referendum is anything to go by they are in for a bit of a rough ride from those residents they are supposed to be representing.
“What idiots decided this” is amongst the milder comments.  Several people have questioned the parentage of some of the Labour Cabinet, and there are obvious questions over the ability of some to have children given they apparently lack the essential equipment “down below” - the scrotal sack having allegedly withered and died.

Rumours that certain Cabinet Members have been seen trying to avoid contact with the general public by whizzing around on their broomsticks are, I am sure, an exaggeration.  As are the tales of Council leader Tony Christopher walking the streets of Pontypridd, with his scythe at the ready, doing a first class impersonation of the grim reaper.

No doubt wearing his underpants over his trousers MP Owen Smith waded in to the argument yet again in today’s Ponty Observer.  He starts with a heart-warming little tale of how he bunked off school when he was a young lad to go to the paddling pool, and all the wonderful memories associated with it.

He then goes on to say that this emotional nonsense has no place in today’s decision making process and people should move on. Let the Council bulldoze the paddling pool, because they know best after all.  Yes the Council’s consultation process was terrible but never mind, they are all good Labour folk and so what does it matter?  Must all stick together after all.

Still at least he has come off the fence, and is now saying clearly he agrees with the Cabinet regardless of public opinion.  Mick Antoniw AM has still to voice any opinion on this or anything else in his constituency really, but then it must be difficult for him to get up there from his home in Newport all the time.

People are furious about the plans – how stupid are the Labour politicians that they can’t see it?  Or is it just that they don’t want to see it?  There are none so blind as those who will not see.

They operate with an arrogance that comes from knowing they have a massive majority in the Council Chamber. That they can do just what they want, but really is that a good enough reason for doing something – just because you can?  Only if you lack principle, and there at least they win hands down.


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