Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Labour Councillors too afraid to face the music

I daresay it is too much to hope for that the Labour Councillors in RCT will now actually start to wake up a bit and smell the coffee.  For the past few weeks they have been going around accusing RCT Lib Dems of spreading misinformation about the paddling pool.  They have been telling people of the huge cost associated with a referendum (£10,500) and how it will affect the services the Town council can provide.
They have said often enough that they probably believed it that it was just “the Lib Dems stirring”  And of course at all times they have maintained the consultation has been “far reaching and robust.”

Must have come as a bit of a shock to them to see a packed Muni last night and have 209 residents vote in favour of calling a community poll / referendum.  There were a few of them there, huddled together for comfort, most of them Town Councillors.  None of the Cabinet Members who made the real decisions of course.  They are spineless, gutless buffoons who are too scared to face the public who instead just choose to pick up their handsome salaries and hide away. Salaries which, by the way, amount annually to more than three times the cost of the referendum.

Facing the music in the red corner, on behalf of the Council was an Officer – the Director of Regeneration and Planning.  Sent to face the music – and boy did she get an earful.

She was booed and heckled and at one stage even called a liar, a bit harsh by anyone’s standards, but then this was the strength of feeling evident.

This was no set up Lib Dem crowd – would that we had that number of members to call upon!  These were genuine residents who are furious at the Council’s plans to take away their paddling pool and not even offer them a roof on the new Lido.

They were furious that this had been going on and because of the appalling level of so called consultation by this Council there will now be a referendum where they can state their case clearly.

It shouldn’t have come to this.  No Council should be so arrogant and out of touch with what is happening that they get to this stage.  But that is the case with Labour in RCT.  Arrogant and self- serving, and as a mate of mine once said, hypocritical parasites!

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