Friday, October 26, 2012

Mick Antoniw not so Slick

GTFM radio have today been running a news item on the paddling pool referendum.  A somewhat bland piece detailing the technicalities of the process more than anything else, they decide to invite along Mick Antoniw Labour AM for Pontypridd to comment on the referendum process, as a 'former lawyer.'  Antoniw of course previously was a Director of Thompsons solicitors – they were fined by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority for cheating miners out of some oftheir rightful compensation.

His view given on earlier bulletins was that this is a 'poorly thought out piece of legislation.' I am sure his Labour colleagues at the Assembly will be pleased to know that - they instigated it. The Local Government (Wales)Measure 2011 changed the rules Slick - perhaps you should have looked it up.

He intimated that the reason Ponty Town Council could be called upon to hold this referendum was that they had an interest as they would have been asked to comment on the plans, and so therefore they could just about to be said to have a legitimate interest. WRONG Mr A. They are the ones specified in the legislation by virtue of being the town / community Council covering the area. Maybe I should direct him towards the relevant section of the Measure?

To really cap it all in the later bulletins he said that there would be no postal or proxy votes (correct at last, hurray) and that 'there may limited opening hours at polling stations.'

Doesn't he know? Hasn't he bothered to find out? He represents the people calling for this poll, has he so little regard for them?  

He has said absolutely nothing about the paddling pool, but then he says nothing about anything affecting his constituency.  Why was his mate Owen Smith MP the one doing the talking when the Taff Vale precinct developers went bust?  Economic Development is an Assembly matter, European funding doled out by the Welsh Government.

But then of course he does live in Newport, so how can anyone expect him to know anything about his constituency.  If anyone is in any doubt then take a look at his website under the Pontypridd tab.  What you will find there is a direct lift from Wikipedia of a piece which refers only to Pontypridd town area – not a mention of anywhere else in his constituency – what about the Llantrisant and Llantwit Fardre council areas, Taff’s Well, Tonyrefail?

People do indeed get what they vote for.





Anonymous said...

You're an awfully angry person!

Anonymous said...

Yes she is! Well, with followers (who follows who?) like Mike Powell and the (very right wing) Dutch gentleman, what can you expect?

Anonymous said...

Who is the "Dutch gentleman"?

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why did you remove your previous post?