Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ponty traffic eased - must be true the Council say so.

The traffic flow in Pontypridd has been greatly improved allegedly.  According to the Council website people are raving about how great the new system is an how much more easily traffic is moving around.

Presumably they were told this by some of the same people they claim told them they loved their regeneration plans including the one about taking the paddling pool away.  Probably during some major consultation exercise under cover of darkness on Christmas Eve.

One thing that puzzles me is when they took the photo that accompanies the press release, because the road is empty. I mean, come on, they could have waited for a bus to come past even for the sake of the story which brags about the new bus lanes.  How much are we shelling out for the PR department again?

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Nick Powell said...

Can only comment on my own experience & every time I've come through ponty between 4.30 & 5 since the layout has been done its been a lot better, so for once this is an improvement