Friday, January 03, 2014

Cllr Cannon and the Labour lot – scared, stupid or simply stubborn?

Next Wednesday the Labour Cabinet in RCT meet to launch the so called consultation on the second round of the savage Labour cuts and to consider the feedback from the public on the first round.

The first round included cutbacks in nursery education, youth provision, meals on wheels, libraries and day centres.

Cabinet meetings are of course open to the public, and members of the public are invited to submit requests to speak if they have a relevant interest.  So as someone with a relevant interest I did just that.  

I am Chair of the Cwmclydach Development Trust which runs a Day Nursery – our business could be directly affected by the decision made.  I am Vice Chair of Governors at a secondary school – our E3 provision will be affected by the withdrawal of transport, and we anticipate that our homework clubs will suffer as a result.

I have an interest, albeit less directly, in Clydach Vale Boys and Girls Club where the youth club is currently based – plans to remove funding for it will certainly have an effect on provision there. The building may become unsustainable and as it currently houses our holiday play schemes then it will affect our Trust.

Yet, surprise, surprise, today I received an email which states:

Dear Ms.Roberts,
The Cabinet Office has already received a number of requests to contribute to the meeting.
Your request has been considered by the Chair and it is felt that you do not have a relevant interest in the matters being discussed.

So Deputy Leader Paul Cannon, whom I presume is still in the driving seat owing to the Leader’s illness, has decided that I do not have a relevant interest.  Really?  How much more relevant could it get then?

Maybe they are scared that myself and others actually know more than they do about some of the subjects under discussion.  If the public report is anything to go by then that wouldn’t be difficult.

A cynic may well think that Cllr Cannon is simply playing political games, which given the seriousness of the proposals is indeed sad.  From a political viewpoint it is also quite stupid.

You see, whatever I was going to say regarding childcare provision and youth provision I can say to a much wider audience anyway via social media. So should I be looking to score political points from that then I can do so fairly easily.  What this frankly daft decision does is now give the opportunity to point out to everyone exactly how undemocratic the Labour Cabinet are.

Politically it shows a marked naivety.  Maybe they should be looking for some better strategic advice on the subject.  Scared, stupid or simply stubborn – probably all three.



David Edwards said...

My point would be that the least amount of public money that can sensibly be spent should be. That said completely agree with your argument. Well said, well made

DutchEnery said...

I am not sure why I am suddenly anonymous. Have to have a look at my set-up. Sorry.

DutchEnery said...

I said - They do not want the electorate and surely not opposition members to voice any opinion(s). I believe amongst a thousand others that the decisions have already been made. These consultations only serve one purpose - to keep us quiet and submissive in the belief that Labour is the one and only saviour of the working class. Indeed, some saviour. My money is on the donkey in the next field.

Anonymous said...

So who is the saviour of the working class? The Lib Dems? Oh sorry you don't agree with them either do you?

DutchEnery said...

The saviour of the working class? That is a dream which will always be a dream when there are those who cannot distinguish between what is in the public interest and what is their own. Your anonymous message shows quite clearly that you don't know either. But hey what's different?