Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Is Pontypridd MP in the know or out of the loop

The Pontypridd Observer today carried a front page article on the proposed changes to the school catchment areas for Y Pant and Bryncelynnog schools, and the campaign to stop them going ahead.

The piece continued on the inside and included comments from Pontypridd MP Owen Smith which were rather puzzling. He started off by saying that he was “disappointed to have learned about the decision through the media as I believe we should be consulting far more widely and openly amongst parents, schools, local communities and representatives before such important decisions are agreed.”

Now this is odd as the Cabinet last week decided that the proposals should go out to consultation not that they should take place.  There will be consultation with those Mr Smith mentions – although given other recent consultations people may be forgiven for wondering if there is any point.

This would suggest that either Mr Smith has little faith in the consultation process and that he assumes the decision is as good as taken, or that he has some insider knowledge that says it to all intents and purposes has been.

 His next paragraph adds to the confusion. 

“I have now asked the council to brief me about their decision and I will also seek to meet with parents and local schools to discuss matters before I submit my own views to the consultation.”

Now which is it – have they decided or are they consulting?

The whole article suggests that the relationship between Mr Smith and his Labour Council colleagues is somewhat strained. It also suggests that maybe he needs to make sure that his press officer is fully briefed and at least aims for a degree of consistency within an article. Perhaps he could take advice off the RCT Council PR department – it’s certainly big enough,

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DutchEnery said...

Hahaha - perhaps an degree in English would have been better than French? Perhaps one would then know the difference between consultation and decision. Although come to think of it - our esteemed RCT Cabinet don't know the difference either.