Wednesday, January 08, 2014

You will do what we say - Labour way or the highway in RCT

Well the Labour lot on RCT Council surpassed themselves again today.  Two Cabinet meetings were held, the first to announce a consultation on phase 2 cuts and the second to receive feedback and make decisions of the phase 1 proposals.

The PR department and the Council’s resident tweeter fell silent, not a word came across the ether about these two important meetings.  Maybe they were too tired out form all the Nos Galon tweeting they did, poor things.

Still, they obviously expected crowds to descend on Council HQ.  Hence the presence of three civil enforcement officers to ensure that people did not park on the yellow lines on the road leading up to the offices – the same yellow lines people (councillors included) regularly park on for every council meeting.  It was obviously a free for all in other areas of the Rhondda today.

Both meetings began with the same warning – that the public were welcome but no shouting for the gallery, and no photos.  The second meeting had an extra warning from the legal officer – no using social media to report the meeting from the Chamber. They wouldn’t want the public getting wind of what is going on there would they?

 I waited eagerly to see which members of the public would be allowed to speak – after all when he turned down my request to speak at the meeting Cllr Cannon said he had received many requests to speak and mine was being refused because I didn’t have a relevant interest. You can imagine my surprise then when not a single member of the public spoke at either meeting.  Had the all been turned down and if so why?

Cllr Cannon in the Chair laid down the rules, he was in charge and he would decide who could speak and for how long. When Plaid’s Cllr Jarman complained about a procedural matter he retorted sternly that “This is a Cabinet meeting, it is OUR meeting not yours.”

I suppose the next step will be to enlarge all the doors at Council HQ for the inflated heads of the Labour Cabinet to fit through.






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DutchEnery said...

HaHaHa, would there be room for another reality TV program? Something of the order of Splash with Mr Cannon in fashionable trunks. I would watch that! Perhaps not, it would sink without trace.