Friday, January 24, 2014

Your constituency should come first Mick

The twitter feed of the Pontypridd Labour AM Mick Antoniw has gone into overtime in recent days as the Newport living AM shows his eagerness to let the people he represents know what he is doing for them.

So what has caused this flurry of activity? The announcement that his Labour colleagues at RCT Council are going to increase Council Tax by a scandalous 4.5%, or that this will be topped up by a 5% Police precept increase from his Labour mate the Police Commissioner?

Maybe it is the planned closure of the Muni – after all he has been very supportive of the new theatre in Tonyrefail, and is a great fan of the Cory Band (even though they are Rhondda based.).  He won’t want to see the Muni go.

Perhaps the way in which Rhydyfelin and Hawthorn residents have been let down with the sudden u-turn by Labour on the library – initially to stay open the Cabinet (including the Councillor for Rhydyfelin) suddenly changed their minds.

Nursery education cuts have been causing great upset across his constituency, he has seen the problems this is going to cause and the affect it will have on children in RCT and is leading the fight back?

No, none of the above.  Pontypridd AM Mick Antoniw, who doesn’t spend a great deal of time in his constituency anyway between his work at the Assembly and his home in Newport, has been tweeting constantly about his visit this week to Kiev and the civil unrest taking place there.

Now whilst there is nothing wrong with AMs taking an interest in foreign affairs,  it would be nice if now and again he took a little more interest in what goes on in the constituency he represents. Nobody is saying he shouldn't be able to do things elsewhere, but it appears that his constituency always comes in second place to whatever campaign he is involved in at any time.

Looking at his twitter and Facebook accounts it appears the only things he does within his constituency is tag along with the MP on the odd visit and spend his time in local chip shops.  Of course we have some very fine chip shops, but do they need quite so many visits from their Assembly Member?  Publicly advertised ones anyway.

A look at Mr Antoniw’s website would seem to indicate a similar imbalance between his general interests and those of the residents he is supposedly elected to serve. With everything that is going on locally surely residents could expect some sort of comment?   



DutchEnery said...

Good point - bad enough as it is in the Ukraine but he is now in Wales. This is just the way with a lot of local politicos, once in they become ultra sensitive about their own standing and earnings. Instead of concentrating on the pressing issues within their local constituencies.
Our Mick has now all but forgotten that wonderful report about development in Tonyrefail and is more concerned what happens in Kiev. Yep, so am I and North Korea and the Congo and the North Pole and the South Pole and eh? Wales? Where is that?

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what I find strange, the constant bitching from Plaid and the Lib Dems (and their friends outside the constituency) about stopping the Meals on Wheels 7 day service.

Did Plaid bring the 7 days a week meals on wheels service in? - no!!!! It was 5 days a week for many years - with NO provision for weekends. It only began to be 7 days a week a few years ago.

Perhaps if we did not have to pay for welsh language documentation and translations for the minority, welsh speakers in RCT there would not have to be so
many cuts in service. Even close family members of Plaid councillors do not speak welsh - I wonder if they refuse to speak to them?????

Karen Roberts said...

Would you like to point out the 'constant bitching' from us? The only thing we have been keen to point out is that it is yet another Labour broken promise.

Another one added to a growing list. From a manifesto they said was fully costed. Well I suggest they buy a new calculator and get themselves a new strategy advisor. Cuts have to be made but everyone has known that for years. The Labour party simply ignored the fact and lied to the electorate about what they could deliver. That I will certainly keep 'bitching' about.

DutchEnery said...

I should have thought that to promote a new policy and establish it, like a 7 day Meals on Wheels service and then withdraw it, would automatically invite lots of bitching! Indeed as it is with all other changes of policy and direction. Kiev and civil unrest was mentioned, now how does anyone think that's possible? Would it be politicians doing their own thing against the wishes of the population? Let's bitch some more!

David Walters said...

"Even close family members of Plaid councillors do not speak welsh - I wonder if they refuse to speak to them?"


Karen Roberts said...

You'll have to forgive anon he / she has some strange ideas

Anonymous said...
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David Walters said...
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