Monday, January 02, 2012

Cavalier attitude to public money

Yet another example of RCT Labour Council’s cavalier attitude to the spending of public money.
WalesOnline reports that South Wales Councils have spent almost £12,000 on mascots for various campaigns.  The highest spend, surprise, surprise was in RCT where the Council spent £5000 on a costume for its recycling mascot Rhys Cycle.
One thing that is even more annoying though is that we tried to highlight this some time ago, but the local press, as id so often the case, didn’t want to know then.
It’s an uphill battle against the media on times.


Anonymous said...

But it does work, my daughter is in primary school and Rhys cycle has been ther , she knows what you can & can't recycle and does it in our house, educate them young & it will say with them for life.

As for the taxpayers allaince a bunch of right wing idiots

Karen Roberts said...

I am not denying the worth of the programme, but how is it that whatever RCT do they seem to pay so much more for it than elsewhere? £5K for a costume is a bit much I think, the children would have been just as impressed with one that cost a fifth of that. It's public money after all. As for the Taxpayers Alliance then they are a little out of touch on times!