Thursday, January 05, 2012

A whole £10 invested in Ponty? Will we notice the difference?

A few weeks ago I wrote of Labour’s lack of a web presence locally.  Well it seems I missed one site – RCT Labour do have a website, and a fine example it is of Labour in action in RCT.
In fact their ‘Delivery In Action’ page is brilliant and really sums it all up as far as Labour in RCT are concerned. Take a look here.  Good isn’t it?
 It is extremely informative
‘Rhondda Cynon Taff Labour Group are made up of the 48 Councillors who represent communities across the Borough
Labour regained control of the Council from Plaid Cymru in 2004 with a commitment to work in a more accountable and more transparent manner and to improve and invest in the frontline services that matter to local people.’
Well would you believe it?  Accountable and transparent?  Think they lost their way somewhere.
But credit where it is due, they do make much of the investment in schools and education in RCT (no mention of the pupil deprivation grant of course) and it seems that investment is very much needed.  In fact whoever puts this site together really could do with a lesson in grammar.
News headlines include
Labour Deliver's Support for First Time Buyers
Labour Deliver's 160M Investment in RCT Schools
The first headline has been changed for the Leader’s column section where it reads :

But my absolute favourite headline from this site has to be this one:
£10 Regeneration of Pontypridd Underway Thanks to Labour
Silence is sometimes the best option.

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