Thursday, January 05, 2012

Whose fault is it anyway?

According to the Rhondda Labour website, which like all their others it seems is a work in progress, local Labour members oppose the closure of the Minor Injuries Unit at Llwynypia.

Good for them, in fact I even signed their petition, sure they were very pleased by that.   They state that

·         The Rhondda Labour Party is opposed to the temporary closure of the Minor Injuries Unit at Llwynypia and demands that the Local Health Board reopens it.

·         This is one of Wales's newest hospitals. Taking services away from our community is unacceptable.

Well spotted.  They then go on to ask the following:

·         We understand that this is not a financial matter. But why has the Local Health Board failed to plan for the necessary numbers of doctors and Emergency Nurse Practitioners to staff both facilities?

·         There are many questions to be answered including:

·         What does 'temporary' mean?

·         When does the Local Health Board plan to re-open it?

·         Can you give us a cast iron guarantee that the unit will re-open when you have more staff?

Um, excuse me, but the Leader of RCT Council, the LABOUR leader of RCT Council is one of several Councillors on the local health board.  In fact he is a previous Chair of the local health board, covering a period of time when they should have been planning for this.

Anyone thought of asking Russell?

Or maybe local AM Leighton Andrews who is after all a member of the Welsh Government Cabinet  - surely there is an element of collective responsibility there , this is a problem not only in Cwm Taf but across Wales.

All of the glory and none of the blame – typical Labour hypocrisy.

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