Monday, January 23, 2012

Singing from the same song sheet?

More nonsense from Owen Smith MP for Pontypridd in his Ponty Observer column this week. 

This time he is recycling the 'it's not our fault honest Gov' routine favoured by Labour politicians in these parts.

"During these tough times for families and businesses, it’s inexcusable that there are billions of pounds outstanding in tax revenue as a result of multi-millionaires stashing their money in offshore tax havens."

Of course it is Owen dear boy, but then where have you been until now?  Oh, sorry, you were in Surrey weren't you?  What I mean is where have your party been?  They were in Government for 13 years weren't they?

Am I missing something?

"Just as with phone hacking, the response to last summer’s riots, forests, the economy and the NHS, Ed Miliband and the Labour team are several steps ahead of Cameron & Co on this issue."

Obviously written before Ed Milliband and the Labour team saw the light on the road to Damascus and decided we were right.

Didn't anyone give Owen a copy of the new song sheet?

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Anonymous said...

Is he including Blair in the tax evading boat? I bet he isn't.