Monday, January 23, 2012

Just whose vested interest is it?

Owen Smith must presumably be relieved that despite concerns expressed by some of his colleagues the Pontypridd constituency will not - if draft proposals go ahead - be merged with the Rhondda and so he will not have to slug it out with Chris Bryant for the nomination for lead donkey.

He is, however, as he stated in the Ponty Observer this week, not pleased that there will be a cut in the number of MPs

"I’m firmly opposed to a decrease in Wales’ representation at Westminster and will be campaigning to show this government for what it really is – yet another vested interest!

Oh really, Owen, do calm down there's a good man.  I haven't heard any outcry from voters who will now have to foot the bill for fewer MPs  I suspect the vested interest lies within his own party - after all in the RCT area alone Labour would see their number of MPs reduce by a third.

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