Saturday, June 09, 2012

Cardiff Blues in the red

No I am not referring to the change of kit for Cardiff City - to be honest I have no interest in football and couldn't care less if they played in lime green, although it does seam a pretty daft move.

I am talking of course about Cardiff Blues, the 'regional' rugby team who recently announced they wanted to grace Sardis Rd with their presence.

According to the BBC It seems they have found themselves a little short of cash.  £2.3 million to be precise.

No doubt the WRU will be waiting in the wings with support though,  As short of cash as they always claim to be they surely wouldn't let one of their favoured few go to the wall.


Welsh Ref said...

Hi Karen, I think these sporting controversies might help people understand how the pupils of "Ysgol Gyfun Rhydfelen" feel - because it's a little more difficult to support when they change names, colours, and badges etc. and when the people in authority try to force you to support something you have no love for !?
But I'm sure the same will be true for Cardiff City and Rhydfelen - it's only a temporary change - we'll be back !! :)
And a little news of interest for Rhydfelen supporters - I've been in the Urdd Eisteddfod this week and have received much support from all over Wales - but maybe most importantly - from amongst current parents at the school who can't believe what's happened to me and want the school to be known as Rhydfelen still !! :)
The "people" are with us because they know that some politicians have put "Politics before Pupils" and that's not right !
We're still smiling because we know that we'll win in the end, and thanks for all your support !
Martyn Geraint

Karen Roberts said...

No problem Martyn. Firm believer in standing up and being counted over things that matter.