Thursday, June 28, 2012

Playground politics

In the Blue corner we have the blonde bombshell, Tory Welsh Secretary Cheryl  ‘Chezza’ Gillan.  And in the red corner Shadow Secretary Pontypridd prowler Owen ‘Oily’ Smith.  Battling it out in a classic ‘he said’ ‘she said’ contest worthy of a nursery playground.
The subject?  Nothing important - just the reorganisation of the constituency boundaries in Wales and a possible change in the way in which we elect the people who govern this country. Nothing to trouble themselves about.
Oily seems to be a bit upset because Chezza called a meeting so that Welsh MPs could discuss it.  Allegedly (although he seems to have a different take on things) he complained that it was to be held on a Monday morning and MPs would have to cancel meetings in their constituencies to get there.
Surely this is not that rare an occurrence?  That MPs have to get to Westminster on a Monday for business of one kind or another.  And a look at Oily’s website doesn’t indicate that he is doing a lot in his constituency at the moment.
Grow up people.

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Anonymous said...

Ms Roberts has often accused other political parties of being childish, she then continues with name calling, better suited to a nursery playgound - what an example!

Shall we now call her "Crappy Karen"? For heaven's sake grow up!