Thursday, June 21, 2012

Communication is key - somebody obviously misunderstood

Perhaps Owen Smith was too excited by his recent Shadow Cabinet appointment, his mind was elsewhere?  Maybe Tony Christopher is still stunned at the loss of his mate Russell from the Council and he misheard what was being said?

Either way there seems to be a major gap in communication regarding the plans for the new precinct in Taff Street in Pontypridd.

RCT Welsh Lib Dems last week welcomed what seemed to be good news about the development when Ponty MP Owen Smith assured Ponty Observer readers that he had spoken to the developers and everything was ticketty boo.  The rumours have been going around like wildfire that the development was in trouble - they had failed to find enough tenants for the shops there and could not afford to risk pressing ahead without a guaranteed take up.  Obviously those rmours were ill founded and we could all rest easy knowing that the Labour party had saved Ponty.  Such a relief.

But wait, what is this?  Just seven days later in his column for the very same paper Tony Christopher has the opposite view.

The developers have told him they are in trouble and whilst they are fully committed to the project then they are "facing a number issues with their funding package.”

Did the note taker make a mistake?  Did one of them fall asleep momentarily during the conversation and missed a sentence or two?  Because obviously there is a major discrepancy here.

But I have no doubt that a full explanation will be forthcoming from the cabinet member responsible, Cllr Paul Cannon.  Well now he hasn't got the Police Commissioner election to worry about he can turn his attention fully back to the job.

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DutchEnery said...

Obviously Owen has not got a clue of what is going on locally. That does not surprise me, he has greater things to think about. Like looking awake in the Commons.