Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Preserve our town centres - online at least

Wales Online reports on ‘A new online archive has been set up to show how Wales’ high streets looked before they came to be dominated by national chain stores.’
The website is collaboration between the National Library and the National Museum and comes at a time when empty shops are becoming more and more prevalent in many of our town centres, Pontypridd being a prime example.
Shops there are closing down it seems on a weekly basis.  The Council’s much vaunted Townscape Regeneration Scheme is having no affect whatsoever, and the regeneration work is taking place in a totally haphazard fashion which makes it a nightmare to walk through the town centre. All this helped by a traffic system which is a seemingly designed by a two year old (I apologize for insulting any two year olds.)
If anyone has any photos of Ponty then they had better upload them to the site fast, before any semblance of what was once was a thriving town centre is completely lost.


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