Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hey, Owen, over here mate

Now I know being an MP (or indeed an AM) is not only about constituency business, there is a wider role to be undertaken as well and responsibilities beyond the narrow confines of parliamentary boundaries.
However, a balance needs to be struck, and elected representatives at all levels need to remember who put them there and where their first priority should be.
Owen Smith, MP for Pontypridd, seems to be struggling with that at the moment.  The news section on his website is full of articles in his capacity as Shadow Welsh Minister.  The first mention of Pontypridd comes on page 4, an article from the Ponty Observer on 24th May in which he promises to ‘continue to work hard for Pontypridd.’
But where is the evidence of that?  This week the leader of RCT Council announced that there were problems with the Pontypridd town precinct development – this in direct contrast to Owen’s assertion just seven days previously that everything was fine and work would start in August.
Maybe a word or two of clarification would help?  Maybe  a few questions from the MP on the subject?  A little of the jumping up and down in outrage that he is so fond of directing at the UK Government these days?

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