Sunday, September 16, 2012

Credit where it is due?

RCT Welsh Lib Dems, in particular Mike Powell and myself,  have been fighting against the Labour Council proposal to get rid of the paddling pool since it was first mooted in 2008.  Yes we have used it to political advantage as well, but does that make the cause any less valid?  Don’t see anyone attacking Owen Smith over the Valleys Rugby initiative.

When the plans moved forward earlier this year we were the ones who brought it to the attention of the public – if we hadn’t very few would be aware of it, and it would have been too late by the time the bulldozers moved in.

If nothing else we know how to campaign, so we did all the usual things – leaflet drops, Facebook group, public meeting.  The support for keeping the paddling pool is overwhelming and even we have been surprised by the level of anger at the proposals.  Yet there are still those who cannot resist having a dig.

They want to save the paddling pool, but don’t want to be seen to be involved in a campaign with us.  By doing so they fear they will be ‘condoning the actions of the coalition.’  They think we are doing a great job fighting the pool plans, but we should take the logo off our literature, and do it anonymously.  Happy to accept our help, as long as we don’t want any credit for it.

I hasten to add that this attitude is coming from relatively few people, but it still makes things difficult.  It prevents the campaign from moving forward with the vigour it should, and in effect could end up creating two campaigns, and diluting the effort which can only benefit those we are campaigning against.

It seems it is ok for us to take the blame for anything and everything – including so much that is out of our control, but heaven forbid we should be credited with doing something positive.

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