Thursday, September 06, 2012

First a congestion charge now Labour want to ban cars altogether

Just what planet is this man living on? Labour Councillor Ralph Cook is Cardiff’ Cabinet Member for Transport.  He has recently been at the centre of controversial plans to introduce a congestion charge in Cardiff.

Now, as reported by the BBC, he thinks there should be a car free housing zone created in the city.  Come on, I mean we all get a bit annoyed by traffic jams and there should be a better public transport system that enables more people to leave their cars behind, but really.

What I can’t understand is why he thinks the city’s traffic is so bad.  I work in Cardiff, usually at the Bay, but in recent weeks have been spending a bit of time in Roath at our by election campaign office there.  I travel to and from work at more or less peak time each day, and yes there is the odd delay, and traffic is a little slow up North Road and along the Ely link road, but not that bad.

In fact by far the worse of the congestion is in Pontypridd, closely followed by the Talbot Green crawl.  We’d better hope that his Labour colleagues in RCT don’t start getting any ideas.

As I said in a recent letter to the Echo and Western Mail a congestion charge in Cardiff would affect people from all across the region who, like me, travel to Cardiff to work. It is just another tax on people who happen to work in the Capital.

The Labour party really are a set apart from the real world aren’t they?

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