Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why it is easier to not get involved

There are times when I really wonder why I do what I do, the politics, the community stuff, school governor, etc.  Why I don’t just join the ranks of those whose idea of making a difference is writing the odd letter to the press or online jibe. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not coming over all holier than thou, I have my faults - yes, really even me ;-)  I am not always right, but I am at least honest about what I believe in and not afraid to speak out about my views.  But is in any wonder that the majority people don’t want to get involved in either their community or politics when they see the constant stream of barracking that goes on.

A couple of things this past week or so have set off this particular rant.  Firstly a couple of letters which appeared in the Rhondda Leader and Ponty Observer in response to one I had printed criticising Leighton Andrews ( a slight variation of this piece)

Now I have no problem with people having a go at me, I am used to it – local press, various online forums, it goes with the territory, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it and all that jazz.  The fact that I am not even an elected politician makes no difference, they see me as fair game, and at least they know I am around.

What annoyed me about one of the letters in particular is that it named the school I am a Governor at and launched into quite a scathing attack on the school.  Now I never take my politics into school, and that somebody would sink so low as to denigrate the efforts of a local school they should be supporting just to have a dig at me makes me really angry. 

This same person recently wrote attacking the achievements of the local Communities First programme, again something I have been heavily involved in.  She has never taken the opportunity to get involved with it herself.  

It is so much easier to snipe from the side-lines isn’t it?  But then why would anyone seeing this be persuaded to actually get out there and get involved in actually trying to make a difference?

P.S.  If my ‘mates’ from Ponty Town forum are still watching, so glad you’ve not forgotten me ;-)


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