Thursday, September 27, 2012

He cannot be serious

Following the news yesterday that Taff Vale developers have gone into receivership and the Pontypridd precinct development is dead in the water, Ponty's Labour MP Owen Smith has announced that the whole development needs a rethink and that instead of shops what is needed is 'Tate on The Taff.'   Yes, an art museum is what is apparently needed in order to re-invigorate the town and bring people flocking in. Well I suppose all those who won't fit into the new much diminished paddling pool will need somewhere to go.

So how does he see this developing?  Who is going to pay for it?  Certainly there is no public money available.  But then he seems to be developing a habit of coming up with pie in the sky ideas - his Valleys Rugby initiative was sat on firmly by the WRU recently

It is a shame that he doesn't put his time and efforts into something more attainable and that will bring real benefit to his constituents.  Still, at least he is around and saying something, unlike his Assembly counterpart Mick Antoniw who yet again is the invisible man in all of this.  This despite the fact that regeneration is the remit of the Welsh Government. 

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